MACNA 2013 Location Revealed?

MACNA 2013

A modified MACNA 2012 logo from Acuarisitica

With MACNA 2012 just a week away in Dallas, there’s already some stirrings as to where MACNA 2013 will be hosted. As most of you know, the location is kept top secret and only officially announced at the previous year’s event. Ocassionally, however, some details slip out, and fellow aquarium bloggers at Acuaristica have quite a doozy. Through some creative digging apparently, they were able to¬†uncover the location for MACNA 2013. According to them and a few subsequent resources, MACNA will return to Florida for 2013, this time in Fort Lauderdale, and will be hosted by the Florida Marine Aquarium Society.

MACNA 2013 Calender

Calender Screenshot from revealing MACNA 2013 dates

While this is all unofficial, a calender of events on the, a collective webiste for Florida hotels and travel, lists MACNA 2013 as starting on 8/29/2013 and running through 9/3/2013. The event is expected to draw in 1500 people, with a majority of those coming from the nearby community. Fort Lauderdale will obviously serve as a sweet venue for a marine aquarium event, though it’s right in the middle of hurricane alley at the height of hurricane season.

Again, this information hasn’t been confirmed and won’t be officially announced until MACNA 2012 opens its doors. If anything changes between now and then, we’ll be sure to update accordingly.

Hat tip to Mark Callahan of Mr. Saltwater Tank for sharing the news on Facebook.


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