Reefer Tees Car Decals Let Other Motorsists Witness the Addiction


Reefer Tees Car Decals

While your everyday motorist might have decals that resemble their family, express a certain view, show support for a favorite political candidate, or reveal one of a million bands they listen to, you the aquarium nerd are quite a bit different. Instead of adorning your car with tasteless stickers, you want to dress it up with something a bit more meaningful, and thankfully our friends at Reefer Tees have these elegantly simple ocean life themed decals. These white stickers come in a nice variety that hits all of the big players. There’s the always popular clownfish and seahorse, along with a Banggai cardinalfish, Moorish idol, blue hippo tang and lastly the copperband butterfly. Each sticker measures a few inches across and they are the perfect accessory for your rear window, or any other window for that matter (except the windshield, that’s illegal I think). Look for them at MACNA or soon on the Reefer Tees website.


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