Sign Up for MACNA 2013 to Take Advantage of Lowest Rates Imaginable


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As we’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, MACNA 2013 has already been announced for the South Florida area. And now that the cat’s out of the bag, it’s time to start buying your tickets and planning the trip for next year. As of right now, the tickets are $89 for a three-day, full access pass per person. The full conference pass gets you into all of the guest speakers and onto the vendor floor, as well as gets you access to the huge gala dinner. More importantly, at least for the moment, this is the lowest price the MACNA tickets will ever be. So, instead of waiting for the show to get closer and the ticket prices to start climbing, why not stop by the MACNA 2013 booth here at this year’s conference or head on over to the very informative MACNA 2013 website to get your tickets. Heck, you could even book your hotel room for MACNA 2013 at the steeply discounted rate exclusively given to attendees. And to show you that we walk the walk, we’ve already purchased up our full conference passes to next year’s MACNA. Hope to see you there.


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