Fincasters Highlights the Conservation-based Organizations of MACNA 2012


If you missed out on the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America this year but still can’t seem to get enough updates from the show, then you’re in luck because John Carlin of Fincasters has a great highlight video showing off many of the show’s high points. The four-minute recap only briefly touches on the aquarium equipment side of things by discussing the overabundance of LED lighting, then shifts gears to the obvious growth that the marine aquarium hobby has enjoyed in recent years. The remainder of the Fincast is spent on some very important conservation efforts currently taking place in the industry. John discusses the very important Banggai Rescue Project, new captive-bred species from Rising Tide Conservation, and the wild reef restoration activities of the renowned Coral Restoration Foundation. While it’s easy to lose sight of these amazing and worth while conservation efforts when it comes to shows such as MACNA, it was very refreshing to see an entire Fincast dedicated to the organizations that take our hobby in those directions.


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