The Corals of MACNA

Warpaint Scolymia at World Wide Corals

Warpaint Scolymia at World Wide Corals

Like virtually every aquarium related event in existence, the 2012 Marine Aquarium Conference of North America was full of coral vendors and wholesales who really brought their “A” game. Gracing all if the frag tanks and display aquariums, and helping vendors show off new aquarium lighting gear, the corals ranges from small Zoanthids frags to huge Acropora colonies. The most abundant corals at the show were LPS, with chalices and Scolumina brain ┬ácorals really hogging the spotlight. ┬áSimilar to our Reef Tanks of MACNA video, this is a photo collection of the best corals we saw at the show. It’s a lot of photos, but a good representation of what we could all gawk at and what others got to take home.


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