The Reef Tanks of MACNA 2012


At its peak, MACNA 2012 was crawling with close to 2000 attendees this past weekend. And those who spent some time walking the vendor floor were treated to quite the showing of amazing reef aquariums at the numerous booths. Some of the tanks were massive, like those at the Coral Restoration Foundation and EcoTech Marine, while others were quite a bit smaller, such as the Innovative Marine Nano tanks and the Eheim AquaStyle cubes. Regardless of their size, however, the tanks were all breathtaking and were teeming with reef life. We did our best to capture footage of each aquarium at the show, but admittedly it’s very hard to catch the beauty on camera.

To pick a favorite aquarium at the show would be quite hard. The ORA booth was rocking the aquacultured livestock in style under Ecoxotic LEDs, EcoTech Marine was showing off their Radion and VorTech products on a gorgeous aquarium with some great looking fish and corals, the entire Innovative Marine lineup left us drooling, and the Kessil reef tanks were sparkling under their A150 and A350 fixtures. I guess we’ll just let you guys be the judge for best aquarium, though we weren’t able to quite get footage of every reef tank.


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