Omega 150 Cone Skimmer from Vertex Ready to Pre-Order


Vertex Omega 150

At MACNA earlier this year, Vertex debuted their brand new Omega 150 cone skimmer through their distributor Proline Aquatics. Despite few details on Omega line existing at that point, as the protein skimmers had literally just arrived in time for the show, we were able to find out that the new cones would be a direct replacement to the Vertex IN protein skimmers. The Omega has adopted the gentle cone shape found in the new Bubble King cone skimmers, so it won’t look like the Vertex Alpha skimmers, and it would be far more budget friendly with the use of the very affordable Sicce needle wheel pump. From what we can tell from the pre-orders, which only recently became available to American marine aquarists, the Omega 150 will come in at approximately $380, though they are listed at a special price of $349 on Aquarium Specialty’s website. Besides the price, we also get to see a full run down of all of the Omega 150’s specs, which we’ve taken the liberty to list below. The skimmer will begin shipping to customers who pre-order as early as December.



  • Wine Glass Body
  • Cast Acrylic & PVC Construction
  • Hot Welded Seams
  • Custom Sicce Pump & Pinwheel Impeller
  • Fine Tuning Adjustable Venturi
  • Ozone Injection Port
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Bioload Capacity


  • 19w Power Consumption
  • 850lph Air Draw
  • 11″ x 11″ Footprint
  • 21.75″ Height
  • 40g – 150g Heavy Bioload Capacity
  • 200g Light Bioload Capacity
  • Power Consumption: 22w
  • Air Draw: 700- 850 lph ( Water height and nozzle setting dependent-adjustable)
  • Adjustable Venturi nozzle( similar to that of Alpha skimmers)
  • Construction: White PVC, Red PVC-U PN-16 Fittings, Clear Cast acrylic
  • Body: Blown Cast Acrylic -one piece
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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