Vertex Omega Cone Skimmers to Replace IN Skimmer Line


Vertex Omega 150

Vertex Aquaristik is making a big push to unify their product line, and they’re doing so by replacing the IN protein skimmer line with this swanky new Vertex Omega. The skimmers will be cone shaped, but they are adopting the more elegant looking cone that’s found in the new Bubble King cone skimmer. And being a whole new line, they are shying away from the same shape as the Vertex Alpha and going with a new pump. New to this Omega series is the inclusion of the Sicce Syncra SK400 needle wheel pump, where the Alphas use Red Dragon pumps. This will keep the Omega around the same price point as the IN series it is replacing, though it’s expected to be around 15% more. Currently, there is very little information about this protein skimmer, as this showing is literally its first to the public. That said, we’ll unveil more as that info trickles in and we hope to get some better specs from the guys at Proline Aquatics before show’s end. Pictured is an Omega 150, and several more models are expected to round out the offering.

Sicce Syncra SK400 on Vertex Omega 150

Regarding the product line unification, Vertex is doing a great job of making all of their products look similar by using the red and white colored parts in all of their products, not just specific items. All of the plumbing pieces are bright red, where the thicker body parts that aren’t acrylic will be made in white. The IN series, and a lot of other products in the Vertex line in recent months, has been seen with black acrylic pieces.

Vertex Omega 150 Protein Skimmer


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