DFW’s Annual Next Wave Conference Will Be Here Before You Know It


DFWMAS NextWave Coral Farmers Market

Next Wave, the annual coral and speaker driven conference hosted by the Dallas-Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society, may not be scheduled until March 9th, but if your days are half a busy as ours, that day will be here before you know it. And after a down year last year, MACNA was chewing up most of the planning resources we’re sure, the DFWMAS club is looking to rebound with an even bigger and better Next Wave that will draw hobbyists from all over Texas and surrounding areas. Like previous years, the Next Wave event will be partnered with Steve Tyree and The Coral Farmers Market Coral Show, and guests will be greated with A-list speakers and coral frags galore.

The speaker list for this year’s Next Wave includes Terence Fugazzi, Bob Fenner, Scott Fellman, and Sanjay Joshi, all of whom are well traveled speakers that can be found at MACNA, MAX, and a whole slew of smaller shows. The single day event, which takes place March 9th, opens its doors at 7:30 am for registration and 8:00 for the vendor hall. The first speaker takes the stage at 9:00 am. The show ends at 5:00 pm with a huge raffle.

Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the door. They will run $35 for full access to the vendor hall, the guest speakers, and a buffet lunch. Those just wanting to browse the coral selection will have to cough up $15. Raffle tickets will run a buck each, but if you buy them in bulk online, there are price breaks. For example, 25 tickets only cost $20. Larger volume purchases get even bigger discounts.

This year’s show will take place at:

Holiday Inn Dallas-Richardson
1655 N. Central Expressway
Richardson, Texas 75080


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