Noodling for Catfish is for Wimps…Let’s Try Tarpon


Let’s be honest, no matter how many times we’re told, sometimes we just have to get our hands on some nature. We’ve all caved in and tried to hand feed some aquatic animal, either at an amusement park or even in the wild, at some point in time. Despite us knowing all of the “don’t feed the…” rules and understanding that this doesn’t help the animal in any way, sometimes it’s just too tempting to pass up the opportunity to interact with a majestic creature. After all, it’s the memories we create in our lives that make living so worth while. Unfortunately for one hand feeder, such is not the case. According to a recent story on the GrindTV Blog, a Florida man was attempting to hand feed a rather large tarpon that was hanging out under the docks where he and a group of people where gathering. The tarpon grabbed the man by the arm, refused to let go, and a long struggle ensued. The man tried frantically to get the fish to let go, even dragging it onto the dock. Fortunately, the fish finally released its death grip on the man and flopped back into the water. The man, probably quite ashamed, quickly wanders off with his head down.


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