Neptune Systems Splashes Onto YouTube with Aquacontroller Apex Dashboard Demo


Over the past several months, Neptune Systems has been making some significant strides to improve their interaction with customers, with two of the biggest changes coming in the forum of a Neptune Systems Community and, more recently, a YouTube channel that will deliver all sorts of videos on how to use the Aquacontroller setup. In their video debut, the guys at Neptune Systems are showing off their brand new Apex Dashboard, which was unveiled at MACNA this past year.

This sharp looking computer and mobile device friendly dashboard for their Aquacontroller line is quite advanced and allows users to display certain modules in a customized layout, track water parameters with live graphs, and even monitor the tank with a webcam. Additionally, each of the modules interact with the accessory on the controller, allowing users to change how the controller reacts to certain parameters like the time of the day or the aquarium’s pH. It can even display data from two different aquariums, as evident by the frag tank modules seen on the Apex Dashboard in the video. We’re still unclear if this means that two controllers are being implemented, or perhaps the tank was set up with the frag tank in close enough proximity that both tanks can use pH probes from the same controller.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show how to customize the layout of the screen or what is displayed, but we’ll give the guys a break on their first video. That said, we fully expect to see a more in-depth look at the Apex Dashboard in forthcoming videos. Until then, we’ll just have to drool over the fancy display and try to dream up our own ideas on how we’d best utilize the dashboard.


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