Neptune Systems Adds a Forum to Their Growing Community


Neptune Systems Community

Over the last year or so, Neptune Systems has been making some great strides to revitalize their product lineup and offer the best customer service imaginable. This has firmly placed them at the top of the list when it comes to aquarium controllers, and it would appear that their stance is only going to improve with the very recent addition of their Neptune Systems Community. As its name suggests, the site is a forum where users can interact with tech support as well as fellow Neptune Systems users. Besides being a great source for people in the process of setting up and troubleshooting their aquarium controllers, the site also aims to provide company-driven support for third party products to some extent.

The community is 100% free to join, and it adds so much more value to an already great piece of aquarium equipment.

As it stands at the time we wrote this article, the Neptune Systems Community already has over 140 registered users who are enjoying forums and threads for just about every piece of controller equipment that Neptune Systems has to offer. There is even an announcements section that we’ll be keeping a close eye on especially, as we’d love to deliver more updates about the Neptune product line to our readers.


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