Diver Pulls Hook from Pufferfish’s Mouth


Here’s a pretty nifty story. About five months ago, a video was uploaded to the Break.com website showing a diver removing a very large hook from the mouth of a porcupine pufferfish.

The fish doesn’t seem distressed too much by the hook’s presence, but at the same time it doesn’t resist to the diver intervening. This is the most surprising part, as the diver grabs the fish and positions it many different ways to try to get the hook out. After several minutes of struggling and the fish starting to lose its patience, the diver successfully removes the hook and the fish goes on its way.

While we generally don’t promote intervening with nature, especially to the point where a diver is that hands on with a fish, we’re glad to see the fish getting off the hook in this situation.

We discovered this video clip on Facebook, though can’t for the life of us remember who shared it. For that we apologize.


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