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Living Color Enterprises

Looking for a job in the aquarium industry? Well, if you’re in Florida or willing to relocate, you might just be in luck. Living Color Enterprises, stars of the aquarium based television show “Fish Tank Kings”, currently has two positions available. The first position is one most of us could get quite excited about. It’s a “Livestock Assistant” position that takes care of feeding, quarantining, receiving, and delivering aquarium livestock. It is considered an entry-level position that does have at least some aquarium husbandry background. The other position is that of a sales representative. As with most sales positions, this one involves interacting with customers while getting familiar with the Living Color product line. As with the livestock assistant position, some experience is required.

For more information on the job posting, be sure to visit the Career Opportunity: Livestock Assistant and Career Opportunity: Sales Representative. A full description of each position can be found below.

Career Opportunity: Livestock Assistant

Position: Livestock Assistant

Status: Full-Time Hourly

Department: Livestock

Reports To: Quarantine Manager

Summary Description: This position assists with and executes basic aspects of livestock department procedures and protocols including, but not limited to feeding, water testing, receiving livestock, and delivering livestock. The Livestock Assistant position is considered an entry-level opportunity, and candidates are expected to continually build knowledge and skills in order to progress within the department. This position is ultimately responsible for carrying out a variety of assigned duties in order to provide healthy specimens for delivery to AllFish and AllPets retail stores and maintenance clients.

Key skills/knowledge required:

• High School Diploma or equivalent
• Understand and follow proper sterile procedures
• Ability to speak, read, and write English and be able to clearly communicate with other team members
• Physical ability to lift heavy objects up to 60 lbs. and fit into tight spaces

Please send resume’s and inquiries to:
Kevin Mathis, Aquarium Husbandry Manager

Career Opportunity: Sales Representative

Exciting Career Opportunity!

Position: Sales Representative

We are looking for motivated individuals with a passion for aquatic products.

The successful candidate must have relevant Sales Experience and reside on either the West Coast or North Eastern United States.

Qualified candidates please send a cover letter and resume to:

John O’Rourke
Aquarium Nutrition Specialist


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