Be Careful Using the Bing Search Engine When Looking for Info on MACNA 2013

MACNA 2013 Bing Search

MACNA 2013 Bing Search

The world of search engine algorithms is a very confusing one. These large companies use special techniques to fetch data from websites and display the most relevant information to internet browsers. Most of the time, those searches go off without a hitch. But every once in a while, a search engine just plain fails. Case in point, if you visit the MACNA 2013 website, depending on the search engine, you may be in for a little bit of a surprise. When using Bing’s engine, the results bring up the MACNA 2013 URL, but the description reads more like a spam message than something for an aquarium conference.

To make sure there wasn’t a typo or some other issue on our end, we tried using the same search terms in another search engine, Google. The search yielded normal looking results, and the MACNA 2013 website had all of the typical stuff you’d see. We use Google by default, so we rarely run into these kinds of issues, but if you’ve tried using Bing, rest assured that the MACNA 2013 website has not been compromised. We’re not sure what has led to the issue with Bing’s results, but we’re just glad that the actual MACNA website hasn’t been corrupted and filled with spam.

MACNA 2013 Google Search

MACNA 2013 Google Search


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  • Scott

    That text appears in the source of the page at View source on the page.

    • Hey Scott, I just saw that line too. I forwarded your comment on to some folks who can take care of it.

  • John

    Thanks for the heads up. The line of code has been removed. Scanned site with sucuri and came up clean now. Bing is still showing the same text but it should come up clean next time the cache is cleared on their end.

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