Weekend Aquarium Meme Roundup


Grumpy Cat Eats Nemo

As most of you are aware, the internet has become a gathering place for memes, those photos that usually have a hilarious tag line. The aquarium hobby hasn’t seen too many memes when compared to cats, politics, and reflections on other social attitudes. Fortunately, however, net savvy aquarists have caught on and the hobby is enjoying some rather funny aquarium memes. And because we all love reading the memes, we’ve decided to gather a few of our favorites and post them here at the AquaNerd Blog. We will try to make this a regularly recurring article, especially since new memes hit the web every day. So, without further adieu…

Ocellaris or Percula

Most Interesting Actinic Coral

Mork Nano Nano

Interesting Ocean Facts Meme

Human Trapped in Cage Meme

Goldfish Meme

Fish Take Care of Me

Bad Time Aquarium Cycle

Aquarium Ray Meme

We’ll see you next Saturday with another 10 aquarium memes, so stay tuned.

Memes sources from:

JBJ USA Facebook Page
Marine Depot Pinterest Page


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