Great Fish (and Octopus) Inspired Easter Egg Ideas

Easter Egg Octopus and Fish

Photo credit: This Little Project

Easter is tomorrow, and instead of staying up all night dying those same boring looking eggs that you’ve been doing every year, why not show off your aquarium addition to your kiddos with some fish inspired designs. In lieu of the holiday, we searched the web to find some fish design templates and examples, but surprisingly there didn’t seem to be a whole lot. Fortunately, we stumbled across these three very simple and fun designs on This Little Project. Being marine aquarium junkies, the shark and octopus Easter eggs are obviously our favorite, but that goldfish isn’t half bad either. If you’re dying eggs this evening and have fish related designs of your own, we would love to see them. Just post them on our Facebook page.

Shark and Octopus Easter Egg

Photo credit: This Little Project

Easter Egg Goldfish

Photo credit: This Little Project


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