A Sneak Peak Inside EcoTech Marine


We don’t frequently get to look inside our favorite aquarium companies, either because there is simply nothing special to see or there is something top secret that the company doesn’t want you to see. Thankfully, that’s not the case at EcoTech Marine, who recently gave us all a virtual walkthrough of their sprawling new facility. And to no surprise, virtually every desk at EcoTech Marine is decorated with a reef aquarium…and all of them powered by Radion LED fixtures and VorTech pumps of course.

Most of the tanks are small, with nano aquariums dominating the office landscape. But it appears that a few folks snuck in some much larger setups, with one being large enough to require four Radion light fixtures for illumination. While the video isn’t completely revealing or even that spectacular, it’s always nice to see a little about what’s going on behind the scenes of places like EcoTech Marine.


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