Weekend Aquarium Meme Roundup


Let's Get Kraken

Last week, we decided to give our meme roundup a theme by choosing nothing but shark memes for your viewing pleasure. This week, we carry on the trend, this time focusing on squid, cuttlefish, and octopus. Interestingly, a Google search of any of these memes yields almost nothing but memes full of vulgar language. Fortunately, there were at least ten family friendly memes that we could share, and we’re kicking off our meme round with the king of the cephalopods, the giant squid. Along with the kraken are the octopi Wall Street movement, the drunk and rowdy octopus, and a little help from “Bad Joke Eel”. And as always, if you would like to send a few more our way for next weekend’s roundup, hit us up on our Contact page.

Octopi Wall Street

Bad Joke Eel Ticklish Octopus

Lame Pun Raccoon Well Armed Octopus

Drunk Octopus

Lonely Octopus

Cuttlefish Lava Lamp

Octopus Gurgle Gurgle

Octopus Short Circuits Aquarium

<Cuttlefish You


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