What Will You Spend Your Tax Return On?


Flying Benjamins

If you’re like many people, chances are you procrastinated on filing your taxes and are now having to scramble to get things in the mail before the post office closes. In your hurry, you may stop and think what’s this hassle all worth. Well, if you’re getting a tax return, as in money back from the government, then we’ve got some great ideas to spend that dough…and of course it’s all focused on aquarium stuff. If you end up having to pay back some greenbacks, then sorry, looks like you have to hold off on that upgrade this year.

Tax Refund Idea #1 – Aquarium Controller

Tax check in hand, the first stop I would make would be to the nearest fish store with aquarium controllers in stock. These devices can range in price from a little over $100 to well over $1000 depending on all of the features, gear, and capabilities, but when it comes to helping you out in your day to day aquarium activities, they can be invaluable. So, pick the brand and model that speaks to you (not literally, aquarium controllers can’t quite do that yet) and take one home with you today.

Tax Refund Idea #2 – LED Light Fixture

If aquarium controllers don’t tickle your fancy, or maybe you already have one, then the next logical step to de-moneyfiying your wallet is to hit up the LED section at your favorite retailer’s store. If your tax return is big enough, it might be the right time to swap out your energy hog lighting for something a bit more energy efficient, and LEDs are the perfect way to do that. It’s just a shame there’s no tax rebate for swapping to them. After all, you’re saving a ton of energy.

Tax Refund Idea #3 – Rare Aquarium Livestock

Chances are you’ve had your eye on a particular fish or coral species that was always just a little to expensive to justify buying. Well, no those excuses are out the window. Take that tax return check and pick up a nice rare wrasse, a stunning Scolymia, or heck, even one of those pricey designer clownfish. Your imagination will only be limited by the size of your return. Just be sure to hit up a store that has good quality livestock and proper quarantining practices, otherwise your tax return might end up being a total waste.

Tax Refund Idea #4 – Restocking on Consumables

So you’ve already got everything you want for your aquarium? Well, you can still probably do a little restocking. Load up on calcium supplements, GFO and carbon media, or just replacement bulbs for your light fixture. Take that tax return and put it to good use by getting all of the bare essentials that keep your marine aquarium running in tip top shape.

Whatever route you take while navigating the oftentimes confusing world of taxes, just make sure you don’t try to write your fish off as dependents. They may eat you out of house and home, but we all know what kind of red flags that will send up, and none of us want an audit.

If you’re already got an idea or have already spent your refund check, be sure to sound off below to give others some ideas.

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