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Given the perceived notion that innovations within the aquarium industry are driven purely by male hobbyists, we’ve decided to write a series of articles highlighting some amazing women that have had a lasting impact on the saltwater aquarium trade in their own unique way. Each of the individuals we highlight comes from a different background within the industry, and we feel their efforts and accomplishments are not only noteworthy, but significant to the advancement of our wonderful hobby. It was very important for us to write about women at all levels within the industry, especially since it has so many layers in which individuals can exceed. Because of this approach, our list includes aquarium hobbyists, photographers, and some women that have started their own aquarium equipment and/or livestock companies. So, join us as we discuss an often overlooked demographic in this industry.

Here is a list of folks for whom we already have articles written and scheduled to be published. This list is far from complete, and we’ll be constantly adding to it. Besides what’s shown on the list, we’ve got three more in the making and several more we’re pursuing.

Ariel Freudenthal
Ariel has a very long history within the aquarium industry that has blossomed into a wonderful career. Her involvement in the hobby started well before she was even born, as two of her grandparents were instrumental in the studies of Zooxanthellae and other marine organisms found in marine aquaria. Ariel followed in her grandparents’ footsteps by obtaining a degree in marine biology, but instead of pursuing a career in the scientific community, she has made a big name for herself in the marine aquarium industry. Ariel is currently the CEO and Managing Partner of Blue Life USA, a company that specializes in aquarium filter media. Read more about Ariel’s background in a future article.

Felicia McCaulley
Felicia’s journey through the aquarium trade started like those of many others…as an aquarium hobbyist. She got into the retail side of the industry early on, eventually finding her way into the ranks of one of the most well-respected aquarium livestock retailers, LiveAquaria. Her roles there primarily centered on photography, but she also had a big hand in breeding fish and developing a lot of the information vital to the care of many different species. Currently, Felicia serves on the MASNA Board of Directors and frequently travels to aquarium clubs to give talks on photography, seahorses, and fish breeding. Her full article can be found here later today.

Jessica Timko
Jessica, or Jessy, has a very unique story regarding her involvement in the aquarium industry. While her long list of aquarium related accomplishments is certainly noteworthy, it’s her professional background that really caught our eye. Jessy spends her days designing graphics and marketing campaigns for the aquarium companies we love, as well as designing the banners and other promotional material for various trade shows and website. If you’ve thumbed through an aquarium magazine or bought certain products, chances are you’ve had your hands on something she designed…and her work is amazing.

We wish we could highlight every woman in the aquarium hobby who has made a significant contribution, but as it turns out, there are just too many to list currently. We are working through that long list of folks, trying to highlight all of their accomplishments and showing just how much of an impact they have made. If you would like to be featured in our articles, or know someone who has gone above and beyond their male counterparts, we’d love to share their story. So, please emails us through our Contact page and we’ll get some articles up.


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