Happy Father’s Day from AquaNerd


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Parents are often the unsung heroes in all of our lives, and today is all about dad. So join us in celebrating Father’s Day by taking your dad out to dinner, buying him some aquarium gear, or just getting out there to do something to make his life a little easier (e.g. mowing the lawn or washing the car). Heck, you could even take him fishing. Just be sure to keep those neck ties for a different ocassion.

Brandon Klaus and Daughter

My daughter and me

Being a fairly new father myself, I can’t help but look at today in any other light than as another opportunity to spend with my family, especially my little girl. So, if you’re lucky enough to get to stay home today, cherish those moments. Show your children the value of our wonderful aquarium hobby, and maybe one day they’ll pick up the hobby themselves and you could work on it together. Either way, have a great day and enjoy life’s little moments.


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