Tattoo Artist Inks Up Toddlers Prosthetic Leg with ‘Finding Nemo’ Inspired Art

Logan Lansborough Bubbles Prosthetic

Images taken from the Huffington Post

Here’s a great feel-good story to kick off your week. When Logan Lansborough, now two-years-old, was born, he was diagnosed with a condition called Congenital Absence of the Tibia. Because of this condition, doctors had to perform a bilateral amputation on his left leg at the ankle and on his right leg just above the knee. For most, this sort of drastic procedure would be an absolute heartbreaking event with no positive outcome anywhere in site. That’s where Logan’s situation stands out. After the amputations, the lively little boy was fitted with prosthetics, but in an attempt to prevent any potential alienation in preschool and beyond, a tattoo artists was asked to add a touch a flare, and the results are just breathtaking.

Artist Michael Joseph Curatello painted the character Bubbles, a yellow tang from ‘Finding Nemo’ that was infatuated with air bubbles, onto Logan’s prosthetic. According to Logan’s father, the character is a perfect fit, though he doubts that his son would ever have issues making friends because of his personality. Still, this is a wonderful example of just how awesome people can be in tough times, and we couldn’t help but share his wonderful story.

A bunch of additional images can be seen on the Huffington Post website, though there aren’t really anymore details regarding the actual story.


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