Reef To Rainforest is Looking for Photo Submissions for Two New Nano Books


Two 101 NANO Books

Have you ever wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the aquarium industry outside of your normal online and local interactions? Well, this might be your chance. The publishing crews at Reef To Rainforest and Microcosm Ltd. are looking for photo submissions to help graphically illustrate their two latest books, The 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species and The 101 Best Nano Reef Species, and they’ve made an all call to freshwater and marine hobbyists everywhere. The images they are seeking include full tank shots of aquariums up to 30 gallons and macro photographs of nano fish, invertebrates, and plants. And besides a little name recognition in the books, the submissions could also score you a little extra dough, which you could always sink back into your aquarium.

For each submission that is selected for publishing, Reef To Rainforest/Microcosm Ltd. will pay you $50. From all of the submissions, regardless of whether or not they are published, one ore more aquariums might be selected to be used in CORAL or AMAZONAS Magazines. If you’re tank is selected, you will be compensated with either a 29-gallon Oceanic HQI Biocube or an EcoTech VorTech MP10.

This really is a great opportunity for the photographically inclined hobbyist, or just someone who owns a really awesome nano aquarium. If you would like to hop on board, head on over to the Reef To Rainforest website. There you will find additional details, all of the fine print, and instructions on how to submit your photos. There’s no hard deadline for submissions, though the publication staff would appreciate all submissions to be in before June 17th, 2013.


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