This Daycare Chain Uses Fish Tanks and Marine Decor to Preoccupy the Kiddos

Children's Learning Adventure Lobby

Lobby area with huge freshwater display

Child care centers are becoming a bit more creative with these days, especially when it comes to the use of technology and other tools to inspire creativity and help educate children. It’s not uncommon to see devices like iPads, laptops, and other tech distributed all throughout a particular facility, but Children’s Learning Adventure USA is taking all of that a lot further with their facilities. Instead of relying soley on the latest cutting edge technology to capture the hearts and minds of the kiddos, they’ve also incorporated large display aquariums and a variety of ocean decor items…and it’s enough for this aquarium fanboy to wish that he was a kid again.

Located in several different states, Children’s Learning Adventure USA decks out each of their facilities with a ton of nature inspired items. Their lobbies are drenched in marine life, their play rooms sport various themes centered around jungles and other habitats, and some even have bowling allies that would seem to better fit in at a beach side paradise. Each facility has a welcoming library to encourage reading, laboratories with the latest tech, faux television stations, and a stringent curriculum that is based off of the latest brain development research.

The company’s goal is to make you change the way you think about child care, but with all of the features, I’m looking for a way to get some after work care for myself. A bowling alley and aquariums galore, this place sounds like it would be loads of fun.

Children's Learning Adventure Reading Reef Library

Reading Reef Library with large display aquarium

Children's Learning Adventure Bowling

Bowling lanes with marine theme


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