Whale Nearly Swallows Diver [Video]


For divers, and all over outdoor adventurers for that matter, it’s quite easy to get too close to nature. We often hear about people getting mauled by bears and bitten by snakes, but we almost never hear about people getting nearly swallowed by whales, which is just the case here. A group of divers were swimming at Souza Rock off the central California coast when they spotted a group of humpback whales nearby. Shortly after spotting the whales, the group found itself right in the middle of a giant bait ball (what fish do when evading a predator). Needless to say, these are dangerous places to be, and the group got to find out first hand why.

As divers in the group were videoing their adventure, the giant school of fish swam right in front of the camera, creating a flurry of bubbles. Hot on their tails were a pair of humpback whales, which opened their mouths and simultaneously attached the school. Two divers were in the immediate area where the whales breached the surface, and one diver in particular was mere feet from being swallowed.

Amazement, disbelief, and plenty of four letter words followed the ordeal, and someone even mentions that the diver who almost became whale food would need to find a way to clean his wetsuit after that ordeal.


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