Breaking Bad Deals Substantial Hit to Our Traffic


Effects of Breaking Bad on Traffic

Because we run this site mostly for fun, and not necessarily for the hits, we don’t dwell on our traffic numbers much, if at all. Occasionally, we do pop in just to see how good or bad we’re doing, and last night we decided to have a little fun with it. We zoomed in on the graph enough to show us our busiest times of the day, and we noticed a drastic drop off starting at 8pm CST. That times just so happens to be the same time when Breaking Bad aired the premiere of the second half of season 5, which is the last a final season of the very popular television show.

Apparently, aquarium nerds love Breaking Bad, so much so that our audience basically cut in half, then to zero by the end of the episode. Heck, we even get some decent traffic at four in the morning, when normal people are asleep. But at 8pm, those numbers just started their free fall. We can’t blame you guys though, we were right there with you. We were just as glued to our televisions as the rest of the country, with the computer nowhere to be found. We just hope those numbers jump back up after everyone gets their fix, otherwise all of our Sundays will be pretty slow for a while.


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