Captive Bred Clarion Angelfish Surface at LiveAquaria [Video]


Remember the announcement from last week in which Quality Marine announced the first ever commercial availability of captive bred clarion angelfish in the western hemisphere? Well, the first of those angelfish has surfaced at LiveAquaria and it looks like its adapting very well. LiveAquaria is basically a trendsetter for everything in the North American marine aquarium hobby, and given their extensive interaction with Quality Marine, we weren’t in any way surprised to see this video. In fact, we predicted that the fish would go to LiveAquaria in the first place.

Currently, the fish hasn’t been listed for sale and no information has been released. Chances are we won’t see this angel hit the Diver’s Den right away as all of the rarest fish usually get to acclimate to aquarium life in the office tanks of LiveAquaria director, Kevin Kohen. Fortunately, we were able to dig up this video showing the rare fish swimming amongst big coral colonies, clams, and other high end fish.

This angelfish was the product of Bali Aquarich, located in Indonesia. It’s not the first angelfish they’ve managed to breed in captivity, but it is certainly their most popular. After all, a regular old clarion angel can top $3000 and they only show up every once in a while. We don’t expect pricing or availability of captive bred angelfish to change much from what we already see in their wild counterparts, but as time progresses, we might see a healthy influx of the fish.


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