New Inline Digital Ramp Timers from Current USA


Current USA Single Ramp Timer

One of the neatest products we’ve come across at MACNA is this set of ramping digital timers from Current USA. These timers are designed to be used with the LED strip light products from Current USA and Ecoxotic, though they will work for other brands. The Ramp Timers work by slowly increasing the brightness of the LEDs at a user programmed time, then slowly dimming the lights at a second time point at the end of the day. The timer ramps the light over a 15 minute period, slowly changing the brightness over a whopping 227 steps. That’s such a gradual change that you’ll probably never notice the change happening.

Two models will be available, with one targeting single LED strips and the other being capable of handling two at once. Both are super simple to use and are run inline with the power connectors already on the strips. The retail price starts at $39.99 and we should start seeing these show up at fish stores in no time.

Current USA Dual Ramp Timer


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