MACNA 2013 Setup and Behind the Scenes


MACNA 2013 Setup 1

MACNA may not officially open up to the public until tomorrow morning, but vendors were already working into the long hours of Wednesday night in preparation for the event. And to test the security of the trade show, we couldn’t help but try to sneak our way in a bit early. Obviously it was a success, and we’ve already laid eyes on some brand new gear from lots of vendors. While we gather details and images of all of the latest updates, feel free to glance over all of these images of the aquarium show in its infant stages. Most vendor spaces are still empty, but the halls are filled with moving supplies and all manner of aquarium equipment.

With the exception of a handful of booths, the pace at MACNA last night was very slow and laid back. Nobody was in a rush to set things up, as they have one more full day to finish. Despite that making for a peaceful evening, it also meant that I couldn’t ask questions about new products we happened upon. That said, we will be visiting the show frequently now through Sunday so that we can bring you the most accurate and up to date information on all of the latest stuff your tank needs.

MACNA 2013 Setup2

MACNA 2013 Setup 3

MACNA 2013 Setup 4

MACNA 2013 Setup 5

MACNA 2013 Setup 6

MACNA 2013 Setup 7


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