Need a Place to Take a Break at MACNA, Stop by the Booth

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If you’re running around MACNA all day, chances are you’ll need to find a spot to take a break. Fortunately, you are in luck and won’t have to run back to the hotel room to rest your feet. Our fellow aquarium bloggers at have a booth that is just decked out in comfiness. They have several big fluffy chairs and couches for you to enjoy, and you better believe that we’ll be there hogging up at least a couple of spots. You have to remember, this is technically day three for us at MACNA even though the show just started today. The booth is #910, sandwiched in between Cherry Corals and Addicting Corals, and right across from our buddy Jeff at Reefer Tees. So, at some point in the next few days, stop by and say hi. Maybe we’ll see you there.


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