New Maxspect Celestial Pendant LED Shown at MACNA


Maxspect LED Pendant

Maxspect has a brand new LED hitting the show here at MACNA, and it’s their smallest yet. Their new Celestial LED pendant will be available in three models, and all sport a five channel multichip LED. The fixture is smaller than most of today’s camcorders, to give you a sense of scale, and it looks great over the tanks here at the show. The Celestial sports the same on-board controller and interface seen on the Razor fixtures, allowing users to navigate through the settings with a simple push and twist of the button. A 30, 60, and 70 watt model will be available, though we don’t have a firm timeframe just yet. We are expecting more information from Maxspect later this evening, but haven’t gotten the full details since the lights show up at MACNA just this morning.

Maxspect Multichip LED Pendant

Maxspect LED Pendant Control

Maxspect LED Pendant Arm

Maxspect LED Pendant Knob

Maxspect LED Pendants


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