Jawbreaker Mushroom Coral Reportedly Has Four Figure Price Tag


Sexy Corals Jawbreaker Mushroom

How much would you drop on a mushroom coral? Ten bucks? How about $20? Is fifty bucks pushing the limit? What if I told you there was one out there being sold for a four figure price tag? You heard me right, a mushroom coral in the thousands of dollars. At Reef-A-Palooza this past weekend, one vendor had an absolutely jawdropping mushroom coral on display with a reported price tag of somewhere near $5000.

The ultra high end mushroom coral, called the Jawbreaker mushroom, is undoubtedly a keystone piece from the wildly colorful and unique collection from Sexy Corals. The mushroom is being sold as both whole polyps and as “babies”, with the frags fetching $350 a piece. We’re told that the $5000 price tag from Reef-A-Palooza may or may not be correct, as our source for the photo was told a couple of different prices. Still, it’s a beautiful coral that will demand a high price tag that is deserving of a decent conversation.

We’re not knocking Sexy Corals for this price point. After all, this market is very supply and demand dependent, with corals quickly gaining and losing their share of the spotlight. But it does beg the question, how much would you spend on a mushroom coral? Keep in mind that mushroom corals are extremely hardy and reproduce rapidly under ideal conditions. Some hobbyists have even fragged mushroom corals with blenders, that’s how hardy they really are.

Thanks to Jason Frick for this image and the details surrounding the coral.


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