Picture of the Week, Red Mangrove Reef Tank


Red Mangrove Reef Tank

For this installment of the AquaNerd Picture of the Week, we are focusing on a user submission of a reef tank with an interesting item growing out of it. After we wrote about Julian Sprung’s refugiums at MACNA, a local hobbyists sent us an image of his red mangrove that has started to really get out of control. The mangrove sits inside of a Tunze Mangrove Box, which is a device that allows hobbyists to grow various species of mangroves in their aquarium systems. According to the hobbyist, this mangrove started out as a “seed”, though he didn’t actually specify if it was a propagule or an actual seed. Regardless, the mangrove is clearly growing well, no doubt absorbing all sorts of nutrients along its abundant root system.

Thank you Clint for the image.


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