New Life Spectrum AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel…Worth the Wait


New Life Spectrum AlgaeMAX and AlgaeGel

The team down at New Life International has yet again come up with another great product. This time, the Herbivores get a turn. Introducing New Life Spectrum AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel. AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel use a wide range of aquatic vegetation, including Chlorella Algae, Spirulina, Ulva and Wakame Seaweed and more – 9 total varieties!

Most herbivore diets just use a single source of seaweed, like kelp. The problem with that? No one ingredient alone has all the nutrition needed for healthy herbivores. Your aquarium needs veggies in a variety of colors and sources that mimics the plant diversity in their natural diets. In fact, too much kelp can cause digestive problems for fish. Spectrum is the complete herbivore nutrition solution.

From New Life Spectrum:

AlgaeMAX takes advantage of a new pellet forming process that lets us include more algae and seaweed, while keeping a greater amount of secondary ingredients like whole Antarctic Krill, vitamins and trace elements. Even aquatic herbivores benefit from some invertebrates and proteins, since it mimics foraging in their natural habitat. In many so-called “herbivore” foods, fish meal is the first ingredient followed by cereals.  Green dye is often used to make it look rich in vegetable matter. Both AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel have a variety mix of high-grade algae and seaweeds and alfalfa as the main ingredients, top quality marine proteins, and the New Life Spectrum nutrition formula.

There simply is no comparison.

This food will be available for retail purchase in late December 2013. Until then, enjoy some documentation on the food including the nine types of Seaweeds and Algae in the food.


On a side note, this if the first of hopefully many articles from our newest contributor, Steve Vavrek. Steve works for Aquatica Aquarium Gallery, where he also writes for their blog. We’re glad to have Steve on board and can’t wait to see what fresh new perspective he can bring to the site.


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