AquaNerd to be Featured on the Next Reef Threads Podcast


Reef Threads Podcast

I’ve been following the Reef Threads podcast every chance I get over the past couple of years, letting their shows invade my iPhone or streaming them straight from the site so I could listen to them whenever I wanted. Each podcast show is typically published over the weekend, so I’d listen to them a lot when I was at work and I’d let them play in the background while I research topics for the blog. Plenty of times, Gary and Christine (hosts of Reef Threads) would discuss some of the stories we wrote about, so I was more than excited when I got the opportunity to actually be a guest on their show. Not trying to give it all away, but we had plenty of good discussion on random topics in the hobby and I got to shed a little light on the history of AquaNerd and how it operates. So, join us this Sunday for episode 160 of the Reef Threads podcast.

Being no stranger to the podcast world, since I’ve occasionally chimed in on the MASNA Live show, the medium wasn’t totally unfamiliar to me though I was still quite nervous. So, my voice might sound a little weird, or at least it always does to me. Still, the topics were great and I had a very positive experience.

There are a ton of blogs and forum sites out there covering the marine aquarium industry, so it’s nice to find a different medium for that coverage. Gary and Christine put on a great show that uses tons and tons of common sense to address issues and tackle big topics that permeate the hobby. And they go to great lengths to bring that content to their audience. I couldn’t imagine the show prep and time it takes to create a podcast each week, so you know there is dedication there.

Thanks again for letting me join the Reef Threads podcast this week!


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