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Brace yourselves everybody, Tanked has their own app! That’s right, now you too can create exciting, over the top aquariums and care for your fish right from your smartphone or tablet. Man, it really is a shame that you can’t really convey sarcasm through text. Oh well. It is true, however, that the Animal Planet stars do have an aquarium game app, simply and unimaginatively called “Tanked Aquarium Game”, that you can download to your favorite iOS device. The game lets you create a fish tank and fill it with such aquarium related devices like undersea mines. There is even a cameo from your favorite Tanked stars Brett and Wayde, who show you how to play the game and care for your digital aquarium.

Besides being full of accurate aquarium knowledge and fun, the reviews on the Apple App Store are juts oozing with positivity (there goes that sarcasm again). Rated at just 2 out of 5 stars from more than 100 reviews, we hear such phrases as “Boo to the ATM guys, I have a very disappointed 8 year old” and “I want my money back!! This game tanked on my iPod and will not load at all…”. The the credit of the ATM guys, this really has nothing to do with them, but is Discovery Communication’s feeble attempt at cashing in on one of their most popular shows. Obviously, it’s a show that we are not fond of, nor they of us, but our teasing is all in fun.

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