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AquaNerd Blog New Look

Unless you are reading this through one of our social media outlets or the article has been picked up somewhere else, then chances are you noticed the new look that we have created for the AquaNerd Blog. For years, we’ve been running the same old layout, and we just thought it was time to shake things up. So, we went to this cleaner format, with the articles being organized into a more structured look. We also decided to add the featured post slider, keeping our more popular stories of the week at the top of the site and only a mouse click away. The site is still being tweaked in a few minor ways, but for the most part, this is how it will look.

Love it or hate it? We’d love to hear your input. We take the look and functionality of the site very seriously, but because we don’t have all the resources to create a completely custom theme, we have to rely on templates that are already in existence. Still, we’re digging the look and don’t have many arguments.


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