EcoTech Marine offers their new Frag Plugs sans the Coral Propagation Kit


EcoTech Marine Frag Plugs Mixed

When EcoTech Marine drew back the curtain on their Coral Propagation Kit this past November, aquarium hobbyists instantly became enamored with the stainless steel hardware wrapped in such a sleek looking mult-function bamboo box. The high quality tools were neatly inlaid in a box that had hidden hinges, magnetic fasteners to keep it closed, and it even serves as a cutting board when the time called. Besides the German crafted tools, the kit also came with other propagation essentials, like EcoTech Marine’s Coral Glue and their new Frag Plugs. The Coral Glue has been around on its own for some time now, and it would appear that the Frag Plugs will also be offered up separate from the whole package.

This really comes as no surprise, but each of the three flavors of EcoTech Marine Frag Plugs will be available to purchase separately in 50-count bags. Each bag retails for $29 and they are already availabe at your favorite local fish store that sells EcoTech gear. This also means that you don’t have to spring for the whole coral prop kit whenever you decide to refill the consumables (e.g. the plugs and glue). The plugs will be the same ones offered in the kit, with the three color choices being Natural, Black, and Purple…the later of which is supposed to look like coralline algae. They will also be offered in a mixed bag if you can’t make up your mind.


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