Screenshots of Pacific Sun’s Kore 5th Doser Software Revealed


Pacific Sun Doser Kore 5th Software

At the end of December, we happened across the most capable and feature-rich dosing pump that the aquarium hobby has ever seen. Dubbed the Kore 5th by Pacific Sun, this dosing system included five channels, an integrated automatic top-off, temperature sensor, and an elaborate on-board controller that even allows hobbyists to dose their aquariums via Bluetooth. Since our initial coverage, Pacific Sun has also released a series of detailed screenshots of their Kore dosing software, in addition to revealing that the doser will be split up into two models, a standard version and a PRO model.

By our standards, the Kore 5th dosing system will stand head and shoulders above the rest of the dosing pump crowd. It will face stiff competition from the very capable Vertex Libra doser, which sports some amazing technology as well, but by including five pumps and unmatched wireless control into a single unit, this doser will be king of the mountain for now.

Helping the Kore 5th attain that status, the controller software is loaded with all sorts of settings that hobbyists can tune. It features seven tabs that let users adjust everything from the amount/number of times/when to dose each supplement, to set low level alarms for dosing containers, and even how fast or precise to make the flow. Not pictured is the mobil application, which we assume will have all of the same features, though in a much sleeker format that may leave off a few things here and there just for the sake of simplicity and quick browsing.

Besides the software, Pacific Sun has also revealed more detail about each model, along with pricing. The base model (called the Kore 5th Standard) will retain all five dosing channels and the wireless capabilities, but will not have the integrated ATO or temperature probe. The PRO model is all inclusive, meaning it is the standard model plus the top off setup and temperature probe. It will feature dual optical water level probes, which are one of the safer options out there for as far as water levels sensors go. Snails and algae won’t accidentally activate them, flooding your tank with freshwater.

As far as pricing goes, the standard version will come in at $449 and the PRO model at $539. They will both be available in black or pearl white, hitting the store shelves as early as February 20th.

To close, here is the spec sheet for both models…


-5 dosing pumps, 5 channel control
-dosage from 0.1ml to 1500ml per day – up to 24 doses per day
-built in LCD display
-stainless steel, powder-coat housing
-optional (PRO) integrated temperature probe
-optional (PRO) integrated ATO with 2 stage float sensor and DC pump
-ATO pump delivers up to 300 liters per hour, 2m lift
-complete wireless control via bluetooth
-silicon/viton tubing for greater accuracy and long life
-dimensions – 15″ x 5″ x 2″ tall
-top mounting design for easy cabinet/stand installation
-software control of liquid storage capacity and low-level alarm
-2 year warranty on dosing pumps


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