Shipping Screeches to a Halt Due to Inclement Weather

FedEx Truck Stuck in Snow

Photo Credit: Associated Press via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

While many of you are probably struggling to stay warm, there are other parts of the country where temperatures aren’t having as big an impact. In the southern half of the US, temperatures are fluctuating around 30-40 degrees during the day, and Florida is making everyone jealous with their 60-70 degree temps. While business may be operating as usual in your area, keep in mind that many of the online retailers that sell aquarium drygoods and livestock aren’t so fortunate, and they may not be able to get you your product in a timely manner.

Many of the aquarium equipment and livestock vendors are trapped indoors with the ice and snow severely impacting their business. Besides having to fight with potentially damaging temps, they may not be able to ship out their products. Drygoods are not much of a concern, as they can sit in a cold freight truck with almost zero negative impact. Livestock, on the other hand, depends heavily on overnight shipping and stable temperatures. And shipping is already such a gamble in perfect weather. Couple that with the fact that your items may be sent through many different time zones where they might be exposed to temperatures that fluctuate 40 degrees or more, and you’re gamble almost becomes a guarantee that you’ll get a box of severely stressed (if not dead) animals.

The point behind all of this is to say that if you don’t absolutely need something, it might be a good idea to avoid buying certain products, at least until the polar vortex goes away. If the item is a must have, then try to find a vendor that is in a better climate to ensure that your livestock will not be subjected to the worst conditions the entire trip. Also, if you do buy something and it doesn’t show up for a little while, don’t get all bent out of shape. Have a little patience and work with the vendor, because chances are that whatever is delaying the purchase is out of their control.


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