The Balling Method Explained by Dr. Balling Himself [Video]


Adding calcium to your reef aquarium seems like it would be simple enough, but under the surface, there’s a lot more going on than you think. Over the years, many different methods of calcium supplementation have cropped up, with the calcium reactors and two part solutions being the most widely used. The Balling Method is another popular choice, as it is a balanced three part attack that many advanced hobbyists, especially those in Europe, swear by. But as its popularity has grown, especially amongst American hobbyists, the Balling Method has been changed and morphed into something its creator, Dr. Hans-Werner Balling, calls completely wrong. After which he schools us in the video above with the proper method, which is driven by Tropic Marin products.

The content is a bit rough, to be honest, as it’s literally just Dr. Balling talking while several products are shown in various pictorials. Despite that, it’s a very simple chemistry lesson that may be of some use to those currently or wanting to use the Balling Method. So, take a thing or two from the man himself and see if your reef benefits from it.

Big thanks to Francis Yupangco for sharing this video with us.


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