Finding Nemo Gets Mouthy in New Censored Version [Video]

Just a heads up, the following post isn’t exactly kid friendly. Yes, it is edited and there are no cuss words, but still not quite a family friendly clip.

There is a hilarious video making its rounds on the web, and it is an interesting yet not too child friendly take on a Disney classic. Someone with a sense of humor that falls pretty much in line with our own has creatively edited certain scenes from Disney Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo’ to include all sorts of side splitting vulgarity. In fact, the title of the flick has been changed to ‘F***ing Nemo’, which is quite fitting not only due to the crude nature of the audio edits, but also a few strategically placed blurred images.

The clip is very short and jumps all over the movie, but it is worth a laugh or two to break up your work day.


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