Giant Pacific Octopus and Diver Get Into Game of Tug of War Over Camera


The octopus is a very curious and very intelligent animal. Although normally quite shy, they have been known to play around with divers and beachgoers as they flex their mental capacities to rather impressive levels. Such is the case for an underwater photographer, who recently got into a little tug of war match with a giant Pacific octopus off the coast of Central California.

David Malvestuto, the diver who was briefly locked in the sticky embrace, didn’t want to lose his gear to the estimated 20 foot across octopus, who jumped out at him without much notice. Malvestuto’s diving companion, Warren Murray, videotaped the entire ordeal while the object of the octopus’ desires (the camera) fired off image after image of the incident. After the octopus either lost interest or realized that the camera wasn’t edible (or that Malvestuto wasn’t just going to let it go), it backed away and swam off to blend in with the background once again.

Via GrindTV


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