The Hidden Joys of Reefkeeping


Geometric Hawkfish Greeting

We could argue the obvious benefits of keeping a marine aquarium (or any aquarium for that matter) all day long, but there are so many unexpected and overlooked joys that really make the entire process that much more worthwhile. These little joys occur at random and unexpectedly, but when they do happen, they are so refreshing that they can turn a terrible day into a great one. I was fortunate enough to experience one of these events this morning. While preparing to go to my regular old 9-to-5, I noticed my latest addition to the desktop aquarium, a geometric hawkfish, watching me while I prepared my commute coffee. As I watched him watching me, it dawned on me that I have seen the little guy every morning since I put him in the tank.

As I sat and thought about it a little more, I recalled how timid the fish normally acts during the day, as he usually darts behind the rocks every time I put food into the tank or even approach it at any sort of quick pace. It is a new fish, so those sorts of shy behaviors are expected, but it was a surprise to see him approach the front of the tank and watch me in my morning time routine.

As we mentioned in today’s Tip of the Day, you have to stay excited about your aquarium, and this was definitely one of them.


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