Reef Octopus Teases New Wine Glass Bodied Skimmer


Reef Octopus Skimmer Teaser

It would seem that Reef Octopus is constantly adding new products to their massive catalog of protein skimmers, and while most of the time they come right out and tell you what that item is, they are playing a little hard to get this time around. The latest protein skimmer, which we’re told is a new line called Reef Octopus Prime (sounds a little like the famous Autobot doesnit it) appears to follow the recently popular wine-glass or double cone shape, which is a conical skimmer with an elegant shape and smooth transitions, vastly reducing turbulence within the body.

This new Reef Octopus Prime looks strikingly similar to the Vertex Omega protein skimmers, save for a few exceptions, but without a full picture of the mystery skimmer, we don’t quite know how similar just yet. We reached out to various members of the CoralVue team, who distribute Reef Octopus products here in the US, and our questions were met with plenty of vaguery as the information just isn’t there yet. Still, we can make our speculations.

Very obvious in the new Reef Octopus Prime skimmer is the all white construction with red and black accent pieces. Along with that we see the relatively new Aquatrance pump, which has found its way onto several new Reef Octopus products such as the 250INT we spoke about yesterday. We also spy a twist-and-lock neck that connects the collection cup to the rest of the body, as well as a very Vertex-esque pump volute, vibration reducing tubing connecting the pump to the body, and a detachable bubble diffusing plate. The bottom of the skimmer looks like it is fully removable, a bonus for cleaning, and some of the riser tube hardware also looks removable. Rubber feet sit beneath the skimmer pump, and presummably the skimmer body itself, but that’s about all we can infer at this point.

Reef Octopus Skimmer Teaser

As more details trickle out, we’ll be sure to update with things like model information, price, and other specs.


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