Robo Aquarium Lets Fish “Exercise”


If you haven’t seen this video yet, well then join the almost one million people who have in the last couple weeks. Dutch Researchers of the company Studio diip made more progress with this robo car in the science and technology field rather the marine aquarium hobby. You have to admit it is pretty impressive what they have done with a fish and some technology. Although most of us won’t be letting our expensive saltwater fish drive these babies, it’s still pretty neat to see how they work.

The Robo Aquarium uses an overhead camera to analyze the direction the fish is swimming, which moves the car accordingly. The ‘Fish on Wheels’ was made with a standard webcam, and an Arduino, a tiny comuter, controlled robot vehicle. 


Contrasting the fish with the bottom of the tank, its position is determined and used to send commands to a computer control board moving the car in that direction. The researches have admitted their fish has probably not caught on to its new super power but are trying to allow more pet mobility. This extraordinary invention is reportedly going to launch soon on Kickstarter.



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