Ten More Signs You Are an Aquarium Nerd


A couple of years ago, we created a fun little list of ten signs that you were a true aquarium nerd. Well, now we’re back with yet another list…and this time the laughs continue as the more we think about each one, the more we’re convinced that we fit into each and every one. Do any of these signs point to you? If not, got any other suggestions?

1. You can’t remember birthdays or anniversaries, but you can remember when your local fish store gets their shipments down to the hour.

2. When looking at new homes to purchase, your first thought is “that’s a good spot to put an aquarium”.

Tandem Garage In-wall Aquarium

Tandem Garage In-wall Aquarium

2. The autocorrect function on your smartphone replaces normal everyday words with aquarium related terms.

Aquarium Nerd Autocorrect

Frap or frag? Photo Credit: Cathy Pearis

4. The handsoap in your bathroom, to no surprise, has an aquatic theme that showcases your aquarium nerdiness in all its glory.

Aquarium Nerd Handsoap

Found Nemo…

5. A fan of pajama pants? Oh yeah, those are fish themed too.

Aquarium Nerd Pajamas

Cozy pajamas, Photo Credit: Cathy Pearis

6. You have a hard time replacing the batteries in your tv remote control, but don’t even break a sweat when wiring up a new metal halide ballast or plumbing up that maze of pipes that feed your sump.

7. Your spouse has to bribe you with trips to the fish store just to get you to go anywhere.

8. You reference various businesses in your town by which fish store is closest.

9. You find some way to incorporate your aquarium stuff into random but normal, everyday uses…like using a piece of live rock as a wheel chock.

Aquarium Nerd Live Rock Wheel Chock

You might be a reefkeeping redneck if…

10. You hang out with your aquarium so much that you develop a “wilson-esque” relationship with your equipment like Tom Hanks’ character in the movie, “Cast Away”.

Aquarium Nerd Wilson Skimmer Cup



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