Top Ten Signs You Are an Aquarium Nerd


Let’s face it, we’ve all got a little aquarium nerd inside of us. But who could blame us? Our hobby is just so awesome, right?  We get to grow corals, care for exotic fish, and play with new aquarium equipment every once in a while. The downside is most of us are so entrenched in the hobby that we fail to see the tell tale signs of our nerdom. Outsiders though, can spot us from a mile away, especially if you fit into any of the 10 categories listed below. Below is our Top Ten Signs You Are an Aquarium Nerd. Browse through the list and see just how nerdy you are.

1. Every restaurant you go to has to have a huge display aquarium, either fresh or salt, and you get that evil eye for glancing at it too much

Trio of Yellow Tangs

Display reef at the Kemah Aquarium restaurant

2. Instead of loading up your cell phone with images of friends and family, there’s nothing but aquarium pictures

Aquarium Nerd Cell Phone Photo Gallery

3. Any true aquarium nerd has ink, but instead of getting a cross or a macho barb wire tattoo, you get a tattoo of your favorite aquarium inhabitant

Seahorse Tattoo

Photo courtesy of Erik Uy

4. Random people on Facebook tag you in photos they took of your favorite aquarium critter

5. Instead of dressing up for a night on the town, you wear a t-shirt with your favorite aquarium company’s logo. Dang those Two Little Fishies shirts look sexy!

Aquarium Nerd T-shirt

6. You put the seat belt around your new fish purchase when you leave the local fish store, the kids can fend for themselves

Aquarium Nerd Fish Transportation

Photo courtesy of Clint Warren

7. Any aquarium-a-holic worth his weight in salt has a DVR packed full of various nature shows, specifically those like the Blue Planet Seas of Life series

Blue Planet Seas of Life

8. You’ll show up to work sicker than a dog, but don’t mind calling in sick to take care of an aquarium disaster

9. You try to indoctrinate your kids in your aquarium hobby with toys and books composed of nothing but aquatic animal life

Aquarium Nerd Childrens Toys

10. You can’t remember all of your kids’ names without having to second guess, but you can scientifically name every animal in your aquarium at the drop of a hat.

Have your own suggestions to indicate aquarium nerdism? Feel free to chime in below.


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