Aquarium Documentary Looks to Shed Light on Positives of the Hobby


The aquarium hobby is about to get a big share of the spotlight with a new documentary in the works by aquarist turned filmmaker, Thomas Brown, of ThomasVisionReef, Inc. Already gaining huge popularity in the hobby for his coverage of aquarium conferences like MACNA and videos of some amazing aquariums, Thomas looks to shift gears a little and do a full blown documentary on all of the good things this hobby has to offer. The film will focus on home aquariums, with emphasis on aquariums as living art, as educational material, as an important source of income for fishing nations, and as vehicles for global reef conservation.

To help get the film off the ground, Thomas started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 to cover all of the exhorbitant costs associated with such a monumental task. The funding will be based on an all or nothing approach, meaning that if the campaign doesn’t reach its goal, all of the money will be refunded to its backers.

Given the quality of Thomas’ other videos and the obvious passion he has for marine and reef aquariums, we know this film would be a huge benefit to the hobby in helping spread the positive word. We hope this project funds and can’t wait to see what big things happen with the film.

Good luck, Thomas!


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